Amplio Academy trains sales staff

Home / Uncategorized / Amplio Academy trains sales staff, Nigeria’s largest online jobs portal, is a dynamic business with the mission of matching qualified candidates with their ideal job. By providing a platform for potential hires to interact with companies, the website increases companies chances of hiring the right people. The driving force behind bringing the best jobs in Nigeria to the public is a 10-man sales team. Together they reach hundreds of new companies every single day.


To improve the effectiveness and morale of Jobberman’s sales staff, Amplio Academy delivered a training on Saturday, February 2, 2013 on Sales Psychology, Customer Relationship Management and Achieving your Sales Goals. The impact of the training on the staff was visible. Here are a few comments from the sales team.

“The training was very needed and I am very certain it will improve my sales and customer relationships. I have learnt a better and easier way to retain customers and how to go about meeting their needs”

“It’s a wonderful training, not only would I recommend it, I would love to come for more”

“The training was excellent. I appreciate the fact that we filled a pre-training form. This allowed Amplio to focus on our areas of weakness. I will definitely recommend it to other sales staff”


The first class on Sales Psychology was taught by Mr. Ayo Owodunni, Lead Trainer, Amplio Academy. While trainings on sales tend to focus on teaching the customer psychology and how sales staff can use that to their advantage, the Sales Psychology class focused on addressing limiting belief systems that often hinder employees from reaching their potential. Through videos, pictures and frank discussions, Mr. Owodunni helped the team find solutions to various issues like perceived unrealistic expectations, fear of rejection and insufficient product knowledge. He introduced the importance of having a reason or core motivation for why they work as well as the need to personally inspire themselves. jobberman9


This class was followed by practical scenarios facilitated by Ms. Folake Soetan and Mr. Damilola Aderemi. The practical session was uniquely tailored to the challenges Jobberman Sales Staff encounter and created an environment for them to visualize addressing clients problems with their new knowledge.


The Customer Relationship Management session addressed the importance of establishing rapport with customers, managing the balance between tele-sales and face to face interactions. Using examples from some of the greatest salesmen of all time, Mr. Owodunni stressed the importance of seeing sales as a long term effort as one client may be the connection to another set of clients, whether friends, colleagues or family members.


The final session on Achieving your Sales Goal emphasized the importance of setting goals and personal discipline. Staff were taught to see targets and sales not as negative or oppressive but rather as positive tools for maximizing their potential. Following the class, many trainees echoed:

“I will definitely and consciously make out a plan for each day. My plans and my goals will be broken down into hourly targets” and “I have learned to have a positive approach go my work routine”.

The next steps for the Jobberman staff reflect the spirit of basketball great, Michael Jordan’s, words: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take”. With the support of Amplio Academy, the 10-man sales team at Jobberman will apply the principles of the training to their work and in time, develop from being a sales force to a sales powerhouse.