How do I feel right now?

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how do i feel

Many years ago, one of my favorite psychology teachers used to start our class by asking us the some question every single day. He would stand in front of class and say in his really weird voice, “so class if you could rate your feelings today, how would you rate it? 1  being the worst and 10 being the best.”

I always thought this part of class was actually useless (plus I used to use that period to quickly cram for the upcoming test or quickly finish an assignment) Little did I know that Dr Suler’s approach to identifying your present emotion(s) and learning to analyze the emotion was a step to peace and tranquility in life. 

Do you know how you’re feeling right now? Do you know why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling? Do you know what triggered it? Can you trace it back to a genesis? If it is a bad emotion, what can you do to rectify it?

I recently started doing this and it has been amazing. 

There are times when i feel certain emotions come upon me like a flood.  Once they come, I start to ask myself a lot of questions (why am I feeling this way, what caused this, what happened, how do I really feel, where did this come from, what can I do now?) It has really really helped me with controlling my ever fluctuating emotions. 

Learning to identify emotions and making necessary changes is a sign of high emotional intelligence. 


– Ayo Owodunni