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200487893-001 I recently had a conversation with a young man & woman who needed advice in some areas of their business. I asked both partners to tell me more about their business. 4 minutes later, the young man was still stumbling through describing what he does and what value people would gain from it. When I asked how he thought I could help, I was shocked that he still didn’t know how to put his thoughts into words.

You are the forerunner of your product. Before any product is viewed or experienced by a consumer, the creator/marketer’s claim of this product creates an initial (and sometimes) lasting impression of that product.

When I had the conversation with the young man, I sensed his uncertainty and fear and my initial impression of the product was that it was not ready for the market. I was prepared to advise him, but not to try his product. Something was definitely wrong with his style of delivery and it had affected his ability to sell me his product.

Here are a few tips to help you perfect your delivery:

1. Rehearse your delivery: First impressions count. Rehearse what you’re going to say before you get in front of any audience. A great sales person has a summarized delivery explaining his/her product and its benefits to the client. Never be caught struggling for words in front of a potential client. History tells us that even the great British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill rehearsed his speeches and answers to the media countless times before going out to deliver. Prepare yourself for general questions about your product. Here are a few of them:

a. What do you want me to do for you?

b. Why should we use your product?

c. There are others like you, why should we use yours?

d. Your products are too expensive. What can you do about that?

Well not this type of rehearsal...but you get the point.

Well not this type of rehearsal…but you get the point.

2. Watch your tone and body language: It’s not just about what you say; your tone and body language matter. Look your potential client in the eye when you speak. It signifies boldness & sincerity. Look away and you could be seen as lying or unsure of yourself. When appropriate, speak with a smile on your face. It indicates warmth & friendliness. Speak clearly; it evokes confidence both in you and in your product. Take time to practice monitoring your tone and body language on a regular basis.


Your mouth speaks but your body YELLS!

Your mouth speaks but your body YELLS!

3. Understand your product: There’s absolutely nothing worse than not knowing much about your product. This error could quickly diminish your entire brand in the view of your client. If this product is too expensive, are there other options? What does this product offer that your client won’t get anywhere else? What is the product called? Don’t just let the brochures speak, become the brochure yourself.

 The art of a great delivery could be the difference between creating a positive impression and losing the confidence of a client. Work on your delivery today!