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Excited after a fantastic workshop

According to one participant, Dominating the Stage I was “child’s play” compared to Dominating the Stage II! The Sales training workshop featuring Mr Ayo Owodunni, a seasoned public speaker and media personality, Vijay Baskarb, General Manager of CADD Centre, a global leader in Computer-aided design training institutes, Abiola Salami, author of I AM A CHAMP and public speaker, Lanre Olusola, Nigeria’s leading Life-coach and Gina London, a former CNN reporter and Communications Consultant based in Italy, was a huge success. Participants ranging from sales managers and executives to customer service officers registered to attend the workshop from various companies includin
g Onward Paper Mill, Cobranet, Jobberman,, Berg Intimates and Omais Homes Limited. The all-day workshop was held at CADD Centre in Victoria Island.

After introducing the Dominating the Stage series, Ayo Owodunni, CEO of Amplio Consulting started off the workshop by getting participants to network and break the ice.



Following the introductions, Vijay Baskarb took the stage. Vijay shared his background in sales starting with stories from childhood when his father trained him to sell broomsticks on an airplane! He has since developed into a formidable salesman, having turned 1 CADD Centre in India to 65 centres in just 3 years. He is now in Nigeria as the General Manager of the CADD Centre franchise and is already making waves. He spoke to the participants about the all-important topic of ‘Hitting your sales goals every time’. By emphasizing personal drive, discipline and realising the value of sales to a company’s strategic goals, he motivated participants to develop personal drive.


To challenge and inspire their creativity, participants were split into teams and asked to develop a product launch for a new mobile phone. There was total liberty regarding what features the phone would have and the participants took full advantage! The pitching session revealed bomb-detecting, waterproof phones with features ranging from finding lost keys to virtual travel!


Ayo Owodunni spoke next to the participants about the psychology behind the ‘Super Salesman/woman’.


By encouraging participants to learn to consult, not sell, he helped them position themselves as people providing solutions rather than just salesmen. From his experience as a sales banker in the United States, he shared about the importance of having goals and developing a unique style which customers are drawn to.

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Joe Girard’s law of 250 was one of the day’s big takeaways as participants were encouraged to see 1 client not as 1 but as a link to at least 250 other potential clients, making sales a long-term relationship rather than a one-time affair.


A quick lunch provided by Grace’s Catering and participants were back in class, ready for the next speaker.

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Abiola Salami, a trained speaker, sales trainer, business consultant and social entrepreneur spoke next on the intriguing topic ‘From boring tales to fantastic sales’, drawing on his experience working at a Nigerian bank. He shared how he was able to make sales while colleagues told tales of woe, giving excuses for underperformance.


Laying emphasis on providing solutions through relationship, Abiola Salami challenged each participant to begin writing his or her own sales success story.

Up next was Gina London who joined the training via teleconference.

Gina is an Emmy award winning CNN anchor & journalist and an internationally recognized communications expert whose training has taken her across the globe from Egypt to the UAE, Cambodia, Romania, Macedonia and beyond. She began her presentation by pretending to be an investor looking for a new mobile phone venture to invest in. Each group had to make a brief sales pitch of their phones to Gina, who gave feedback and chose a winner.




She ended the session by giving participants several tips on the power of persuasive speech, a must-have for every successful salesperson.


The final speaker for the day was Lanre Olusola, Nigeria’s #1 life coach and lead trainer, Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy. His session took participants beyond the mind-set of a salesperson.



Participants were challenged to decide what they wanted to be remembered for when their lives ended. With this perspective, he encouraged everyone to make decision and sales purposefully and in line with a greater life plan.


After a few questions from participants and providing feedback, the workshop was over.

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Everyone had a wonderful time and there’s no doubt that each salesperson/manager will return to work on Monday with an arsenal of tools and renewed vigour to provide solutions for their clients! Amplio Consulting was honoured to host the participants and speakers and looks forward to many more trainings.