Why public Speaking?

 90% of all communication is impromptu. In other words, we’re always on some sort of stage expressing, informing & conversing with an audience. With every word shared, every tone stressed and every sense of movement, there is an impression made. What impression are you consciously or unconsciously creating by your presentation habits?

Through the power of speaking, unknown men have created strong impressions that’d set them apart. Through the art of effective communication, unknown workers have risen up the ranks to become managers & leaders in their respective fields. If you’re looking to improve your communication, presence, speaking skills, and sales pitches, the 12 week 1 on 1 Amplio training is perfect for you.

How the training works?

  • To avoid a ‘one size fit all approach’ to presentation coaching, we develop a unique training program for every client based on their goals, areas of strengths, weaknesses etc.
  • We meet one hour a week at a mutually beneficial location. Location must be a place to practice & rehearse.
  • Based on the client’s immediate need, the first session is a free 1 on 1 conversation. After the first 1 on 1 meeting, a detailed curriculum is put together for 12 weeks.
  • Sessions are recorded on camera for later viewing.
  • Our trainings involve live practice sessions, video analysis, repeated work before moving to next level. Our goal is to plant seeds of greatness in presentation in 12 weeks.
  • Here are a few testimonials on the 1 on 1 public speaking training 


Ayo Owodunni, my personal tutor, is a fantastic tutor, and of course I am extremely happy with him. He is friendly, patient, and very flexible with his schedule. He pushes me to learn quickly, but at a pace that is comfortable for me. I feel as though I have made good progress in the first three months of being in Nigeria and should only improve in the future. I would easily recommend Ayo Owodunni to anybody who is looking for a Tutor.” – Abhijeet Patankar CADD & PPM Expert.

“I walked into my first coaching session with Ayo with trepidation. I had been told severally that it was not a training I really needed being supposedly “good” already. But I knew myself. I needed help with sudden unaccounted for stage fright, a tendency to sometimes “white-out” and forget what I was going to say until right AFTER the speech, the confidence to field questions, feel the pulse of the crowd and roll with or boost their energy. Ayo’s easy-going and can-do manner calmed the palpitations and gave me my first real speech. I will be working with him for some time to come as it only gets better…” – Bunmi Adeleye – Head, Corporate Communications, Leadway Assurance

“I am one person who naturally is extremely crowd shy and finds it very challenging to stand in front of an audience to communicate effectively. I am still a work in progress and still taking classes with Ayo, however I must say that there has been a significant positive impact and evolution in my attitude to communication to a wider audience. I would encourage working with Ayo due to his style, elegance and most important his infectious positive attitude when engaging people.” – Kayode Adeleke, Executive Director, Russel Smith Asset Integrity Management Services

Your ability to identify, understand and manage your emotions and the emotions of others around you is an important factor to reaching a level of success in your career. Why is Emotional Intelligence so important for individuals and your organization? According to a study of 44 fortune 500 companies, salespeople with high Emotional intelligence scores generated twice the revenue of those with average or below average scores. American Express, a financial services company in the United States, introduced Emotional Intelligence training to select groups within their organization as an experiment. Those that received EI training increased their sales 20% over those that did not. Emotional sensitivity resulted in a 20% increase in sales!

It has also been discovered that 90% of top performers and management positions have higher EQ than those below them. What is EQ? What is so special about it? How does it make an individual a difference maker in their organization? This class is designed to answer these questions and transform your employees.

At the end of this module, client will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of mastering their emotions.
  • Learn tips on how to master their emotions
  • Learn to identify their emotions and the emotions of others around them.
  • Identify trigger points for emotions like depression, anger, excitement and find ways to suppress and express as needed.
  • – Receive & understand their personal EQ score

The following courses will be offered:

  1. Emotions 101
    • The VSP Module
    • My Temperaments
  2. Understanding your E-motions
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Emotional Mastery(Emotions 202)

Accelerate your Sales Results with our aggressive 3 Day Training Program

In today’s business environment, competition for a customer’s hard earned money is more intense than ever.  In order to stay in business and bring in new clients, every organization must build a strong, focused and aggressive Sales team.  While finding a ready –made sales team is not easy, the art of selling is a skill that can be taught.  With our 3-day sales training, you can turn your sales team into super sales masters.

Duration –   3 days

Qualified facilitators with years of experience in sales will be running this training

Research from Harvard Business School indicates 66% of an organization’s annual revenue comes from repeated sales from their existing clientele.  This statistic can only be relevant & true if standards are set in place to create a consistently above average impression for your customers.  A happy customer is a paying customer.

Discover how to make every client connection a positive one.  Amplio’s  4-day customer service training demonstrates practical ways you can hold on to your valuable customer base and win repeat sales.  This training will show you how to measure your organization’s ability & also create strategies to maintain excellent service delivery.

Duration –   3 days (1 extra day recommended for Top supervisors)

Qualified facilitators with local and international experience in customer service will be running this training

We teach your employees the art of making presentations that leave a lasting impression.  From the annual AGM meeting to an executive meeting at the office.    

The Amplio Executive Presentation training improves self-confidence, performance and leadership skills.  The training will teach participants how to think and speak on their feet and take advantage of impromptu opportunities to present important information and handle difficult audience interactions with poise.

Duration – 2 days

Qualified facilitators with years of speaking, training and selling.

We’re being judged by a new yardstick in today’s business world. Gone are the days focused on just your level of intelligence. How we handle our emotions and the emotions of those around us is important in growing as a leader and manager.  According to a study of top fortune 500 companies, 90% of top performers in influential positions were observed to possess ‘higher emotional intelligence’.

This 3-day course is designed to spur your team to better themselves and their colleagues.

Duration – 3 days

Qualified NLP practitioner with a NCFE  UK life coaching certificate will be leading the training

The customer is the king of your business. The secret to your success lies not only in how you manage operations but also how you manage your customers. According to a study done by award-winning salesman, Joe Girard, 1 customer is your link to over 250 new clients. Indeed the customer is king of your business. The customer service modules will boost & enhance your customers’ experience of your business.

At the end of this module, client will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of leaving a lasting positive impression with every customer.
  • Interact with a customer with confidence, skill and intelligence.
  • Be courteous, helpful and knowledgeable when interacting with a customer
  • Excel in the art of treating a customer right
  • Understand the link between each customer and the company’s profit line

The following courses will be offered:

  1. Understanding your customer
  2. 10 Commandments of excellent Customer Service
  3. Maximizing Sales through customer service
  4. Inspiring loyalty in your customers
  5. Handling the tough customer
  6. Importance of spy customers
  7. Learning to answer the phone

The customer is the king of your business. The secret to your success lies not only in how you manage operations but also how you manage your customers. According to a study done by award-winning salesman, Joe Girard, 1 customer is your link to over 250 new clients. Indeed the customer is king of your business. The customer service modules will boost & enhance your customers’ experience of your business.

The greatest way to address the media is to always appear natural, relaxed, knowledgeable and authoritative. Whether promoting a new product, managing a crisis, answering difficult questions or looking to relate with the audience, it takes great training in communication, understanding, confidence and networking to make a positive lasting impact in the media.

Why do you need this training?

  • To learn how to successfully interact with the media
  • To understand how the media works and take advantage of it
  • To learn how to answer tough interview questions in the media (online and offline)
  • To be prepared for interview “traps”

At the end of this module, client will be able to:

  • Confidently address the media during press conferences, interviews, etc.
  • Understand how to network the media and make friends in the industry
  • Manage a crisis
  1. Training the trainers (Course for company personnel tagged with the responsibility of transferring knowledge)
  2. Anger & Stress Management
  3. Peak Performance
  4. Improving Work / Life Balance
  5. Process Improvement in the work place
  6. Improving Internal Communication
  7. Crisis Management
  8. Business Etiquette
  9. Project Management
  10. Intrapreneurship
  11. Perception Management
  12. Influence and Persuasion
  13. Making Training Stick
  14. Meeting Management
  15. Peak Performance
  16. Measuring Employee Performance
  17. Time Management